Passionate About Inspiring Others

So here's the thing when I was building my career their were people who used to guide me to specialise in one skill (in my case it was initially ERP specifically

My CVs

JD Edwards and then there were a rare few who guided me and inspired me to innovate and told me how to gather new skills, how professional certification would matter and how to always predict emerging market trends.

The odessy on which these guides put me on resulted in me buying my first house in my first two years of my career as Business Continuity Planning together with Data Analysis and ERP was as rare as the "infinity gems". So I started this Mentor/ Mentee group in which I help/ mentor people with diffrent things regarding their career for 2018 their were 10 people. This year I already have 9 mentees wherein I have a goal of helping out 15 people.

I help people work on Dark Data, Cyber Security, IIOT research, Smart Avionics and ancillary subsystems.

I also have a discussion group (FinalFrontierGroup) where in we discuss current state of technology solutions and their implementation use cases for deep space once space flight becomes commercialized