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Residential IOT

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

So here is the thing Kiante Evans is a guy who has the ability to be empathetic, challenging and generally a great conversationalist. He told me about a possible project about Residential IOT. We discussed that what all I have done and whether I would be interested in picking up this project. So I wanted to throw together a short presentation to let the client know about my knowledge and basically understand whether I would be a great fit or not for them.

Here's what I considered:

  • Where is IOT in terms of Residential sector moving?

  • What are the challenges and risks.

  • What are the currently available platforms which can and are being integrated towards achieving the holistic residential IOT utopia or in plain words (Tony Stark's Home).

  • How today's technology will provide the basic building blocks for the future of residential IOT.

AND Here's my presentation. Believe me it's a quick prep hence might be missing a million things!

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